Marketing Strategy

AETHER supports companies seeking to engage the market with new marketing initiatives

Marketing strategy is the core competency for communicating value to target markets and engaging potential customers in your industry.

Ever wondered how you can grow your influence over those who can make a purchasing decision? The opportunity to connect to these individuals requires understanding the customer journey from interest to purchase–and beyond. This includes addressing their preferences, behavior and the information that helps trigger their buying decisions.

Planning an effective marketing strategy can help you engage the personas or target profiles of potential customers. Even in B2B marketing, purchasing decisions are ultimately taken by an individual or a group of them who evaluate the features, benefits, advantages, and value.

AETHER works with clients to research, discover, review, and take marketing actions based on a customized marketing road map. We work closely with management and business development to address the factors that trigger decision-maker’s interest and the conditions that lead to a purchasing decision.

  • What is the optimal customer profile?
  • What are the most profitable lead sources?
  • What initiatives don’t produce and should be dropped?
  • What new markets show opportunity?
  • What portion of my clients will purchase again?
  • How can I get more out of my existing customer base?

AETHER can support you with these marketing management services

Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation

Referral Generation Programs

Referral Generation

Target Market & Segmentation Strategy

Target Marketing

Marketing Metrics Tracking & Analysis

Tracking & Analysis

Marketing Decision Support

Decision Support

Each of the competencies AETHER covers are based on the application of the latest trends, technologies and best practices to ensure you always have the most updated market knowledge. Our goal is to deliver expert solutions and value that allows our clients to continuously rely on our industrial marketing agency services.

AETHER has direct experience in diverse industrial markets, allowing us to engage your markets with knowledge of the B2B business environment. Furthermore, we focus on the promotional strategies that engage interest and generate qualified leads to ensure ROI.

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