Consulting + Coaching

AETHER provides guidance and best practices for creating and managing marketing programs

Consulting is a collaborative approach where we share our expertise, knowledge and insight to shorten the learning curve and increase productivity

Consulting and coaching allow our clients to benefit from our experience and exposure to a variety of business scenarios and marketing situations. This approach helps cut down the amount of work needed, while building on the knowledge we’ve amassed over the years delivering marketing solutions. And it is through that insight that we can reduce risks, increase effectiveness and get to a solution faster than doing it on your own.

Through our consulting services, we want to positively influence your decision making with a clearer perspective. Many business owners are not ready to make decisions unless they can bounce the idea on someone else who can validate or challenge their decision-making.

Coaching is essential in changing an individual or team’s perspective to deliver results. You cannot make progress unless you stop, take a step back and evaluate the opportunity or challenge. Only then can an individual become aware of the potential strategies and outcomes to influence its outcome.

Our Advertising Solutions Include

Aerospace & Aviation Marketing

Digital Ads

Aerospace & Aviation Marketing

Social Ads

Aerospace & Aviation Marketing

Print Ads

AETHER works in the capacity of a marketing executive role (Outsourced CMO) to provide consulting and coach our clients to make their marketing more effective. We work closely with your internal teams–namely existing marketing, business development and sales staff–to align them with the marketing strategy.

Once aligned, we work together to execute the strategies that can help achieve your goal. Particular attention is given to tracking metrics and analytics that can paint the picture for management. This allows us to show what is working, so more can be done with favorable outcomes. And if something doesn’t work, we analyze it to make tweaks and improvements to change its course.

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