Search Engine Optimization

AETHER helps you develop an effective strategy to intercept Google searches with long-term results

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a content enhancement process to increase a website’s organic search placement through relevant Google results.

The digital marketing strategy of Search Engine Optimization or SEO requires clients to understand the complex process required to deliver results. Increasing a website’s ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) involves a variety of steps in the SEO approach.

The first step in SEO is to identify your goals to define the opportunity for SERP leadership. This is followed by comprehensive keyword research and competitors analysis. This will confirm the opportunity and challenges to be addressed in the SEO process.

Among the benefits of a carefully-planned SEO campaign are the following:

  • Long-term SERP dominance for your website
  • Lower cost-per-lead for your marketing efforts
  • More control over your company’s reputation on search engines
  • Protecting your brand from similar brands and impostors

Using specialized tools, we draw knowledge to identify the scope of the project and establish specific objectives. After drawing the knowledge needed to execute an SEO campaign, copywriters can begin to develop content based on keyword density to ensure the copy meets Google’s requirements for optimization.

Optimizing your content is essential in capturing the interest of potential customers searching for the services and products you offer. Without essential SEO you are also likely to be placed in a lower search hierarchy.

Given the complexity of the effort, SEO is often a lengthy process that involves continued collaboration between our agency and the client. Producing content that is relevant and can increase popularity can only come from the synergy of a Knowledge Partnership.

AETHER offers SEO services for companies that have an interest in positively influencing their placement on search engines–namely Google, since it is the most widely used by web users. This approach focuses on delivering long-term results for market leadership.

Our initial consultation defines how we can help you, but inquires about the specific goals and objectives you need to fulfill. We also discuss the placement of competitors, allowing us to focus on what works for them so we can increase your SERP ranking based on their own successes. Once discovery and research are complete, we can propose a complete SEO solution to meet your specific needs.

In addition, essential SEO can be integrated in the web design and copywriting stages, allowing your website to have the essential optimization it needs by the time it goes live.

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