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AETHER helps tell your story, focusing on the value your company, products and services provide

Copywriting involves the effective use of words to tell a story that not only communicates value, but persuades the reader to act on its call to action.

Copywriting is both an art and a science–and storytelling is where both come together. But telling your story requires collaboration, disclosure and being open minded to the opportunity of telling not just where your business is headed, but also reminding the visitor of where you’ve been and what you have achieved.

Without copy, your website would not be able to communicate much, unless you are a photographer showcasing images. Text is easily indexed by search engines and thus, it is a core element of web content. Without text, Google wouldn’t be able to tell what your website is about or what it offers.

The art of wordsmithing allow a copywriter to spin the story and make it more interesting, mainly by researching the background, factors and other details that add depth to the story a business wants to tell.

Content continues to be “king” and Google has built a business around this concept. And with over 90% of search being done on Google, you cannot afford not to have content that plays by their rules. Add to that Google’s insaciable hunger for fresh and updates content, which can be fed by generating monthly blog articles to keep your visitors interested and engaged.

Our copywriting tells a compelling story using

Persuasion Architecture


Engaging Content


Communicating Value


AETHER provides copywriting services for a variety of readerships, including technical markets. While almost all web design clients need it for their new websites, we also work on web refresh projects where a new story has to be told. This is typical for companies where a chance in strategic direction requires them to adjust due to market changes or a new product line release.

The fact is that your customers jump on Google to look up information is to get relevant content. Our copywriting services aim at helping you communicate value, performance and quality using a systematic and proprietary content development approach.

We also apply creative techniques to include persuasion architecture, content engagement anchors, cross-linking, and many more unique ways to keep current and potential customers interested in what you have to say.

In addition, our agency produces monthly blog articles via ghost writing that attributes the authorship to our clients, so their customers will never know it was written by our copywriters.

We also write press releases, case studies and other value-drivern documents required to communicate value. Finally, document translation for a variety of languages is a growing service that we provide to companies seeking to enter the global marketplace as a result of growth and expansion.

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