Email Marketing

capitalize on your growing database of customers and prospects

Generate direct response electronically with targeted email blasts and monthly e-newsletters

Direct response marketing continues to evolve and AETHER applies the latest email marketing strategies and engagement techniques to support your database nurturing. Case in point, if you already have an active database, we can help you generate more interest that can convert into profitable action. And if you have never nurtured your database, we can create email marketing initiatives and programs to jump-start this effort.

Database marketing is a growing opportunity for businesses of all sizes. By tapping into your existing customer and prospect lists, AETHER can help you catalyze your leads into prospects and customers into referrers. After all, you can draw more from an existing set of individuals who already know who you are, what you do and what you’re capable of delivering.

Targeted email campaigns can be an effective marketing tool by:

  • Delivering a marketing message crafted to a specific interest
  • Engage your prospects as a standalone update or with a special offer
  • Summarize blog posts in a newsletter to generate more web traffic

AETHER works with clients who have a desire to generate more value out of their existing database and CRM systems. We analyze the type of database, the segmentation of your customers and prospects, and then propose potential email engagement initiatives to deliver a marketing message.

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