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AETHER provides digital marketing services, including SEO, Paid Search and more

Digital marketing uses a mix of strategies and online channels to intercept interest by associating a web search to your interest.

For more than a decade, companies have been been shifting most of its marketing budget to digital strategies. The reason is simple: digital marketing can generate immediate–and most importantly–trackable responses that can be attributed to specific sources. Digital marketing also allows the efficient testing of message and creative variables, making strategic course corrections and connecting the marketing source to the outcome.

For the past decade, digital budgets have shifted the balance away from conventional marketing. With so many targeted channels available in our connected world–especially new technologies that “”follow”” or “”connect”” engagement to other digital interactions– digital marketing can help increase your influence over purchasing decisions.

People who seek a solution for a problem immediately use to their smartphone, tablet or computer to look up information related to their need. Capturing that interest at the precise moment when it becomes a search action means you must have an optimized presence on search engines–particularly Google.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions Include

Google AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords

Facebook Ad Campaigns

Facebook Ads

Digital Networks & PR

Digital Networks

AETHER evaluates the needs of clients to determine the specific goals they seek to achieve. We start with a discovery session, followed by an evaluation of the client website’s search footprint. This allows us to determine the SEO and SEM mix to achieve the goal and thus helps us develop an effective digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Marketing (often referred to a PPC or Pay Per Click) provides an immediate way to capture interest via paid search advertisements. Search Engine Optimization offers a long-term solution for capturing organic search, by working on the optimization of your website’s content to ensure Google will index and present your site in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Why do we focus on Google? Simple–because more than 90% of all search worldwide occurs on Google. In contrast, Yahoo and Bing are less than 5% combined, so they are no longer relevant competitors and only have a niche following.

It is therefore important to play the game according to Google’s rules, which require optimizing in a systematic and complex arrangement of copy, keyword content and image optimization to ensure proper indexing.”

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