Paid Search Engine Marketing

AETHER can help you intercept interest when it becomes an action as a Google search

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows the interception of search actions with relevant advertisements to engage interest and convert it into a website visit.

When using Search Engine Marketing or SEM as a digital marketing strategy, we can quickly influence the flow of visitors from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) into your website using paid placement. In other words, through Pay Per Click (PPC) a website is placed in front of the searcher’s eyes as a potential option.

SEM uses a variety of complementary tactics, such as the creation of Landing Pages, Microsites, and other destination content to connect the SERP to a solution in context. This approach helps introduce new products and services without having to wait for the results of complementary SEO strategies to run their course.

Both SEM and SEO work with similar dynamics, only that SEM offers immediate exposure, while SEO allows you to capture organic search in the long term.

AETHER provides consulting, guidance and the execution of SEM Our focus is primarily on achieving short-term results, which serves clients well when launching a new company, products, services, or a seasonal marketing offer.

We always begin with the goal in mind and this includes understanding what a client wants to achieve. Lead generation and customer engagement can be influenced with SEM in the short run, but if the need is cyclical, we may suggest a hybrid SEM + SEO approach, while in others we focus solely on producing short-term results.

There is no faster way to engage the market than with SEM, but you should continue to apply SEO to eventually rely less on SEM–except on situations when you need to ensure top placement within a short period of time.

If you have a new company that needs to be introduced quickly into the market, SEM offers the fastest path to market. The same goes for existing companies with new offerings, which can be introduced in a timely manner according to seasonal demand and the opportunity of connecting to the market with direct response results.

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