Brand Development

AETHER helps you communicate value, performance and quality through visual elements

Brand development involves the conceptualization of a brand name, identity and visual style to create a memorable customer experience

Whether you need to create a new brand or are planning on rebranding an existing one, brand development ensures that your company, products and services remain relevant to the marketplace and the times. Brand development starts with a question of what is it you want to communicate to the market, followed by research and conceptualization.

A brand lets potential customers know whether you are serious and committed to your market and industry–or if you are simply getting by. Nothing inspires confidence like a solid brand that shows current and future customers you intend to be around to deliver on your brand promise.

Some of the questions our branding process answers include:

  • Does your current brand seem outdated or antiquated?
  • Is your brand relevant and appropriate for its industry and markets?
  • Does the brand represent your business effectively?
  • Are your customers making negative remarks about your brand?
  • Does your brand have a good reputation?

Failing to nurture your brand can result in a drop in demand for your products and services, simply because the brand is no longer relevant. Add to that fact that new and more nimble entrants to the industry are now flashing their new branding, making potential customers look their way–and you now need to remind them you are still in the game.

Our Corporate Branding Solutions Include

Professional Logo Design Services

Brand Audit

Key Marketing Messages


Professional Logo Design Services

Logo Design

Branded Graphics & Elements


Key Marketing Messages

Key Messages

AETHER begins the process with a discovery session to determine the goals, then market research to establish parameters, and finally the creative process kicks off to brand or re-brand a company.

If you are rebranding, we also use the equity of a previous brand to engage interest through familiar anchors. Using previously developed content allows us to ensure continuity that customers can recognize as a positive reference in the rebranding.

One we have established the brand goals, we begin designing logos and other branded design elements to develop the brand personality. This is quickly followed by the creation of key marketing messages and other visual anchors that can capture the attention of current and future customers–all while telling the story of what your brand represents in their minds.

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