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AETHER helps you communicate value to engage and attract prospects with relevant content.

Content marketing is the creation of information that addresses specific needs on a periodical basis to engage the readership of potential customers.

Our approach to content marketing focuses on generating consisten and frequent updates to show potential and current customers that you are an active player in your industry. The only way your market can feel your company’s heartbeat is by getting updates that continue to tell your story.

Content marketing involves not only blog articles that are released periodically, but also social media, press releases, and other public relations-related information disseminated through a variety of channels. All of these pieces of information work in concert to ensure your market is aware of your work and achievements.

A market’s hunger for information by potential customers can be best served by releasing information through official channels such as social media, press releases and technical documents.

Without content being infused into the marketing channels your prospects use, you cannot expect them to inquire about your services. Every accolade, achievement and success should be communicated to your customers in context. And this is why content marketing requires a commitment to engage on a frequent basis.

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AETHER understands that some people don’t like to “”toot their horn”” due to their personality or simply because an achievement does not seem newsworthy. The fact is that different prospects react to different types of information. Therefore, one piece of news will connect with some of your prospects, while another topic will connect with a completely different segment.

To develop an effective content marketing strategy and initiatives, we start by analyzing what drives your markets and industry. Once we know the state of its competitive environment, we analyze current demand trends and the opportunities to intercept interest with a path to the information they seek.

From that point on we develop editorial calendars, much like a magazine publisher would, to capitalize on seasonality and a drip-strategy. After all, we want for information to be released with a frequency rhythm. Each piece of information–whether it is a blog article or a social media update–should have purpose, intent and a call to action to effectively engage a prospect.

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